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Green Dogs Dog Artificial Grass Mat

Bed Head Dogs, Dog Bed

is now available to purchase in 2 sizes 27" X 36" and 36" X 48". The Cane Corso Bed Head dog mat is a 2" long art grass turf dog mat inspired by Dread Bizorr the limo chauffeur who was a dog; an Italian Cane Corso Mastiff Dog, and a restaurant critic with his own newspaper column. Story at   

Dogs Dog.

Bed Head Dog is a logo for WatchDog Collar.

 The Watch Dog Collarâ„¢ ... Custom made dog collar watches on dog collars that are designed and handmade by Clazi. Available to buy at watchdogcollar.com. You will find real time keeping watches on all WatchDog Collars. Some have authentic diamonds in the watch faces. These rich dog collar creations are handmade in the U.S.A., with top quality leather and other materials with special attention to detail. Diamond Dogs dog collar is a HD 1/4" layered leather tuxedo dog collar with red leather bow, white deerskin, and 12 authentic diamonds on a dog collar. Diamond Dog was the first of many unique, one-of-a-kind dog collar styles created with love by Clazi.

WDC was Inspired by a Cane Corso dog, and is now offering the WDC logo in the shape of a Cane Corso as a dog mat for your greenite dog to call his own turf. A home on the green, that your pet can re-lie on time and time again.

There are many more fun dogs dog shaped mats at watchdogcollar.com, Clazi's e-Commerce store.